How to reduce the cost of another loan?


Sometimes a slightly annoying situation occurs. Let’s say you treat loans as a tool, not salvation, so the credit loop has not tightened in your throat. However, you have already gone through initiation in all companies since payday loans, and you need a quick injection of cash. Therefore, you have already missed all offers, but usually you have not paid anything for the first loan. You borrowed and gave back exactly as much as you took.

If there is no other way temporarily, and the need is really urgent, then another loan – this time paid – seems inevitable like Christmas socks. However, we are preaching the good news: well, and in this situation you can reduce the cost of the loan. All you need to do is read the tips we have provided below. It’s such an accelerated lending course.

Look for promotions

Look for promotions

Contests, various promotions and discounts… they don’t walk. On the contrary, they are multiplying by more lenders, and the pace of their growth is truly sprint! Well, it’s good to admit that many of these rarities can be enjoyed only by new customers, but if you look around, there are quite a few exceptions to this rule. All you need to do is sharpen your attention like a hunter on the hunt by browsing the offers of non-bank financial institutions.

Then hit the tempting promotion is not likely, but certain. Of course, we can not copy the desired amount and paste into your account with one carefree click, but specific conditions must be met. In order not to be unpleasantly surprised, it is better to read the rules of a given discount or competition first and not to complain that this is not a thrilling reading. Remember that if you pay back a loan on time, it will usually entitle you to further promotions. It is worth being polite and not being late.

Recommend a loan to your friends!

Recommend a loan to your friends!

In the era of social networking, likes and sharing, many companies from various industries adapt to the spirit of the times. Loan companies do not want to be left behind, because… that would be enough. That is why discounts for recommending payday loans to friends are gaining popularity, and if you consider them a fashion scream, then fashion is screaming in this way for quite a long time. Therefore, the spirit of time conducts, and currently the choir includes companies such as Vivus, Szybka Gotówka or Via SMS. In each of them recommending payday payments to friends is a method for additional funds.

For example – you recommend a loan to only one friend and you already get pocket money in the form of 30 zlotys for your next loan. With the expansion of the circle of friends with our command, the costs of subsequent payday loans fall on the head, on the neck. It is known, however, that it can not be too sweet. All of these companies will make sure that they do not faint, stipulating that we will get the bonus only if our friend even completes the application. It is not enough that we recommend the company – in this case, “borrowing” would have to be a bit charitable, and rather not in their style.

Turn to educational and loyalty programs

Turn to educational and loyalty programs

If you are a regular customer of a loan company, it is worth checking to see if you are not an unconscious, though potential, beneficiary of educational and loyalty programs. Not all companies offer this option, but you need to know that this happens. Of course, such programs pay off to companies from payday loans, but they also pay off for clients. Take for wallpaper even such a well-known company as Wonga.

Its permanent borrowers can take advantage of the Capital Benefits Program. Underneath are various courses that make up for what the education system has neglected – they teach clients in financial matters! The benefits of this program are twofold: you not only improve your skills by organizing your budget, but also by jumping to the next level, you will reduce your future loans by up to 45%! This is actually a method that is among the easiest ones – not only that you are learning, but thanks to it you also gain tangibly. It’s a bit like our children get five zlotys for every five and not from us, but from

Score opinions about the company

Many of us believe that karma returns (not necessarily when we buy stale and give it to our cat). Regardless of whether good and good will always come back to us in some form, some loan companies harness this principle to their regulations. It’s even better because only good can come back. All you have to do is post a positive opinion about a given lender on one of the social networks. Then you post your comment, letting the loan company know your opinion and collect points like at a known gas station.

The points you accumulate will turn into discounts when you are able to solicit and apply for a loan in the future. An example of a company that uses this practice is MoneyMan. You also collect points there for the mere fact of punctuality in repayments. However, it doesn’t hurt to check if subsequent companies are watching the precursor. It is quite possible that at the time of writing this article, the competition is not sleeping, but at full capacity introduces to its repertoire the option of collecting points for opinions.

You will not cheat on your lender…

You will not cheat on your lender...

We may have exaggerated this subtitle a bit, but we have to admit that we can expect profits for being a loyal customer. In some companies, you just need to be a loyal customer. This does not mean that you cannot cheat on them, but that simply using their offer will not be a one-time adventure in your case. This fact alone will reduce the cost of subsequent loans.

Let’s say, Smart Loan says that if you take out payday loans for the second time, you’ll get a 5% discount on the costs that appear on the fee table. Not only that, each subsequent loan means an ever higher discount (15% discount is, admit, quite a good result). Lime is also governed by twin rules, where regulars go to the next levels. The most advanced “players” may not even pay anything for payday loans for five days. So as you can see, “our customer – our Lord”, but a regular customer is almost a master.

Take more loans, you’ll pay less

Take more loans, you

Of course, this should not be your life motto, but that is the principle that in some cases simply works. However, it works when we stick to the principle discussed in the previous section. This is the case with the Fast Cash company, for example, where you can take advantage of the “every fifth loan for free” promotion. How it’s working? Very simply, which is how it sounds. If you are already a regular customer (and having already taken four loans in a given company, you become a necessity, let’s make an appointment), the fifth loan you take will not generate any additional costs.

So the same will be with the tenth, fifteenth loan and so on. Of course, we do not wish you such a long loan career, but it is worth knowing this method. However, there are also some strict conditions – you must submit applications within one month, while the duration of the contract should be at least fourteen days. Of course, you also have to pay back payday loans on time. For the first time, we find out that being late is the first major sin when it comes to the topic of loans. Hell does not threaten us, but purgatory is possible – so do not let your account be cleaned more than you assumed at the very beginning.

Borrowing and saving? Yes it is possible.

Borrowing and saving? Yes it is possible.

You won’t be awarded a medal, honorary doctorate or anything like that for being a regular customer of one loan company, but it remains profitable. We have already discussed a number of things, and many of them – like discounts, promotions, discounts – are available only to loyal program customers. In addition to this “stability”, make sure that your creditworthiness is an ability, not a contraindication. A positive credit history is also an important condition. However, regardless of all restrictions, there is nothing like an old, good, free payday loan. Therefore, before you start analyzing the situation on the market with the precision of a watchmaker in terms of the tips listed here, just check if there are companies on the market that you have not used yet!

Contrary to appearances, a few may have been misaligned, and then you can gain double again. Not only will you use the free payday service once again, but who knows – maybe it is in this newly found company that being a regular customer will be profitable to the maximum! Once this scenario comes true, take advantage of the lender’s offers if needed, but remember: always be punctual! This issue returns like a boomerang, because even though you would be such a frequent customer that you would move mountains, you will not ignore the lack of timeliness, bearing the costs of being late.

Equipped with all the above tips, you will certainly not spread your hands helplessly in the face of the need mentioned at the beginning of the text. Although there are not as many ways to reduce the cost of loans as loan companies themselves, and such a number is enough to not incur costs without sense.

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