You’ve decided to build a modern wooden house and live in a healthy environment – choose the project that suits you from our catalog of wooden houses and ask for a quote. We have years of experience in the study of wooden houses, their manufacture and construction, we offer projects in the following categories:

* Wooden two story homes of wood
* Cottages
* Public buildings
* Wooden saunas

To help you understand your wooden house needs, we’ve compiled a guide “10 steps required to build a wooden house”. These 10 steps required for a wooden house explain what to consider when planning the construction of this type of building and talking points prior to construction. The guide “10 steps required to build a wooden house” avoids unpleasant surprises when important details are forgotten in the design of a wooden house.

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The 10 steps required to build a wooden house

1 – What You Expect Of Your Future Wooden House
* Think about the look of your desired wooden house
* Make a list of your dreams, wishes and ideas about your future wooden house
* Discuss your ideas with other members of your family
* In what way must the rooms of your home be equipped?
* What use do you plan with this building (main residence, secondary, cottage, etc.)?
* What will the style of the wooden house be(modern, rustic, etc)?
* What type of wood do you want – logs or planks stacked, massive pieces of wood or glulam
* Who will be in charge of your project (architect, interior decorator)
* To get some ideas going see our standard projects and images of our wooden houses.

2 – Choose The Construction Site
* Size and shape of the site (construction type, surface, access, etc.)
* What are the elements of your site (trees, uneven, lake, river, etc.)?
* Orientation – how the site is located? This is necessary to know if you want to enjoy a sunrise in the kitchen and the dining room and sunset in your bed room.
* Does the site have specific constraints (building permits, soil study)?

3 – Determination Of Initial Price
image2Before building a house, it is important to identify and analyze all costs associated with the project. The initial price may vary from about 15%.

* Price of land
* Prices of foundations
* Price of finishing work – installation of water networks, gas, electricity, communication and heating
* Building Costs – there are two ways to get an initial price for a house:
o Choose a house that suits you among our standard projects, simply complete the form attached to this house and we will then automatically send you an offer.
o If you have any personal ideas or a special project, complete the questionnaire and we will offer a customized offer.
* Modification Costs
o To determine the price of the assembly, various parameters of the construction of the house are to be considered
* Miscellaneous expenses – study, transportation, supervision of the construction site, etc.
* Prepare a budget based on these initial tariff offers.

4 – Financing Method
* Self-financing or use of credit
* Construction phase funding
* Reduced risk thanks to the manufacturer’s insurance

5 – Project Preparation
* Search for an architect
* Establishment of initial plans

6 – Acquisition of the building permit
* To begin construction, you must obtain a building permit for your project.
* Building permits are usually issued by local or regional authorities and the process of obtaining building permits varies considerably from one region to another.
* Please ask for more information from your local authority for planning permission.

7 – The manufacturer of choice
When choosing the manufacturer of your wooden house, you should pay attention to the following:

* Its financial reliability
* Quality – materials and equipment used, certifications
* Experience – Past Projects
* Services – Certain characteristics make the construction process of a home significantly easier by offering customers a full set of services:
o Study
o Manufacturing
o Transport
o Construction
* The value – in the comparison of different tariff offers from different manufacturers also check some of the following:
o same or similar Content
o Quality of identical products
o Volume of identical products offered
o identical services offered
+ Are the materials packed in the assembly order,
+ Does the manufacturer arrange transportation,
+ Are the assembly instructions included
+ Are the materials packaged to be protected from the weather
+ Are the materials marked and labeled
+ Etc.
o The same trim level
+ Are the ends of the planks cut according to the required angles
+ Are the planks pre-drilled for the electrical conduits
+ Are the holes in the walls for catch and sockets provided
+ Are the walls joined by a dovetail jointing
+ Etc.

8 – Building A Wooden House
* The selfbuild – the most economical solution, but the construction of a wooden house can be more complicated than expected. This should be clearly examined before making a decision about it.
* Building with a consultant – you build your own home, but with the assistance of one of our experienced advisors who keep an eye on the building throughout the process and help you get a satisfactory result.
* The creation of an assembly team – one of our professional teams of three or four people will build your home quickly and correctly.
* Building a team with a supervisor – the purpose of supervision by a supervisor and ensure that the construction will be done in accordance with the plans to ensure the quality of technical documentation, quality and compliance of construction.

9 – Tips for Choosing a builder
* Experience – he has prior experience of wooden houses?
* Permission (homebuilder) – is that the company has licenses and insurance required for the construction?
* Past projects – is what society or fitter have documents about previous projects?
* Background Check – Is the company or fitter reliable?

10 – Obtaining a license of occupation
* Occupancy Permits are documents that indicate your building has been approved as suitable for habitation.
* The application for a license of occupation is usually made to the authority which issued the building permit.
* An occupancy permit does not necessarily mean that all the construction work was completed or that all construction works are in accordance with the relevant legislation.
* An occupancy permit is issued when the property expert noted that the house is suitable for habitation of a health and safety perspective.