This training for professionals has been adapted to the reality on the ground which details the criteria for choosing materials for: life cycle of the product or material impact on health and the environment as wlel as sustainability.
Workshop Objectives
This training allows industry professionals to adopt the best environmental practices in connection with an increased understanding of various materials and their life cycle, environmental impact and health. It is designed according to the technical requirements of the LEED rating system, and gives practical keys to meet many of the 136 credits of the LEED rating system.
Solar_panels3Following this training, participants will know how to build or renovate houses with high ecological quality while decreasing callbacks and without impact on the budget. They will choose more environmentally friendly materials for housing projects and opt for design choices that resist time (sustainability).
In The Program
Criteria for choosing materials: the life cycle of a product or material, its impact on health (volatile organic compounds – VOCs – formaldehyde, etc.), durability.

  • Life cycle analysis, EPD and product certifications: Understanding Data
  • Eco-efficient design
  • Materials recovery
  • Concrete: SCMs and admixtures, sealants for concrete floors
  • Insulation materials: ecological choice
  • Powerful walls of cuts
  • Advanced certifications and wood frame
  • Comparison of alternative roofing
  • Choice of siding
  • Doors and windows: the choice of frame
  • Glazing: double, triple, low emissivity, etc.
  • Wall coverings
  • Woodwork
  • Paints, varnishes and finishes
  • Floors: different types, finishing products
  • The tiles
  • The bathroom: shower, plumbing, fixtures, cabinets
  • Cooking: panels for cabinets, doors, countertops
  • The materials for decks and patios