More than a trend, almost a passion, the wooden house is an art of living to everyone! Let us guide you …

A Way Of Life

Today, more than ever, wellbeing and good living in a healthy habitat (wood house) become essential to our lives and our aspirations. Entering the privileged circle for that quality of life depends on the quality of housing by building your wooden house.

Headquartered in Normandy to meet the local needs of our customers, Tempo wood accompanies you in the realization of your construction project and offers wood frame house architectures of both classical and very contemporary design. We also have offices in Germany, Switzerland and now also in the United States.

Whether your environment is urban or rural, that you favor the family home, meeting friends or cocooning, the wooden house fits your lifestyle.



Modulo Wood

construction2Wood House: a concept designed for first-time buyers.

120m from € 155,000 VAT

Ground floor of 120m2 with a large living area of 54m2 including living room, dining room and kitchen all illuminated by two large windows of 3 meters wide each.

Master bedroom with private bathroom and two bedrooms sharing a common bathroom and plenty of storage (7 wardrobes)



Discover our future achievements wood house. The diversity of our projects will certainly be an inspiration for your future home Bois.

You will find stylish and functional habitats, modern and spacious house combining light and transparency.

Some more sober and discreet and other multi unhooked forms are also découvir.



“TEA-TiME” Le Touquet

With perfect combination of Anglo-Norman traditional style and technical performance of the timber frame, this beautiful house by the sea on the Opal Coast is suitable for everyone.

In a wooden house, the balance of brick, plaster and wood in the respect for tradition gives strength and character to this house whose construction is based on classical architecture.



Mountain cottageDriven by their passion for Mondrian, Jean and Nathalie dreamed of a house with the colors of his paintings.

The wooden house for many possibilities of structures, our architect has designed a building full of colors and lines making this home nestled in Chantilly forest a warm and original haven blending harmoniously into its surroundings.



An atmosphere “Loft” at the gates of the city

Patrick wished for his wooden house to be constructed in a very open architecture embracing exceptional views.

The large open spaces between interior and exterior emphasize the fluidity of movement and offer exceptional brightness on this promontory overlooking the city. The construction of a modern wooden house and communicates a lifestyle of its own right in the heart of Orange County, California.



The interiors of wooden houses offer style variations where each are totally unique.

The design of our interior is conditioned by the external environment and the orientation of the home. So every house becomes unique because every place, every customer are unique.

Our inner planes are always designed to facilitate travel from one room to another, but also from the inside to the outside. Our wooden houses are decorated with wooden deck, conservatory and reception area for friends and family.